Empowering Engineers
MISUMI's Technical Tutorial site empowers engineers and designers in the Factory Automation, Press and Mold industries to improve the efficiency of their design through valuable, in-depth tutorials.
Low Cost Automation Tutorial

This is a mechanical LCA tutorial course of the mechanisms, driving power system, and the control system, etc. The vital points of using MISUMI FA mechanical standard parts are also explained.

March23, 2018
#333 Know-how on automation: Pressurized heating technology - 5: Multilayer pressurized heating process technique


Surface Finishing Tutorial

The technologies unique to surface treatment such as electroplating, film coating, etc. are explained in an illustrated and concise manner using figures and photographs.

March30, 2018
#337 Mechanical Applications of Thermal Spraying-2


Press Dies Tutorial

This tutorial on the practical aspects of design in press technology such as setting the clearances between punches and dies, countermeasures against the rising of chaff in blanking work, etc., are examined.

July26, 2013
#167 Problems in Punching and their Countermeasures (6) Scrap Processing in Punching


Plastic Molding Tutorial

The knowledge necessary for mold design such as why molds break, the method of determining the cavity dimensions, etc., are explained in an easy-to-understand manner using figures and photographs.

February22, 2013
#142 Two-Stage Ejecting Structure