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#141 Ejecting Stripper Plate Structure

Category : Structural Components
February15, 2013

The ejecting stripper structure is a structure that is used when there should be no traces of the ejector pin on the molded item.
This is used for transparent optical components made of acrylic or polycarbonate, etc., such as that shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2 shows an actual example of the ejecting stripper structure

Fig. 2

Firstly, the main core that forms the molded artilce is fixed to the moving half mold plate using bolts, etc.
The stripper plate is placed so that it envelopes the side surface of the main core, the stripper plate is further connected to the ejector plate via a connecting rod.
In other words, when the ejector plate moves forward, even the connecting rod moves forward along with it, thereby causing the stripper plate to move forward and ejecting the molded article.

As the ejector plate returns, the stripper plate also returns to the original position.

Fig. 3

At the time of carrying out the basic design of the stripper plate structure, while it is of course necessary to prepare properly the drawing of the operating states, in addition it is very important for smooth operation to take measures such as managing the clearance between the stripper plate and the main core, tapered escape, etc.

In addition, adoption of a guide system, selection of the steel material for the stripper plate, heat treatment, etc., also become very important factors.

Fig. 4