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#032 Basics of Die Structure (7) Parting Die

Category : Shearing work
March12, 2010

In parting work, the material is sheared and separated using a punch having a certain width. Very often blanks are also prepared from sheet material or coil material by parting. Since the shearing is done using a punch with a certain width, the directions of burrs after parting will be the same at the left and at the right (if shearing is done by cutting off without generating any scrap, the directions of the burrs at the right and at the left will be opposite to each other). In addition, quite often a product that is bent or drawn is parted thereby getting two products.

Figure 1 shows the structure of a parting die used for such a purpose. Fig. 2 shows the conditions during operation.

[Fig. 1][Fig. 2]

By carrying out parting work it is possible to prepare products that are left and right symmetrical, or to prepare two products in the case of a non-directional product (of a shape shown by the example in this figure), and hence it is possible to increase the productivity.

Looking from a different point of view, in order to achieve a balance in the operation capacity of metal forming work, it is also possible to carry out left and right symmetrical formation work inevitably and then carry out parting work.

Although the shape shown in the example in the figure is a simple one, in practice, very often a very complex formed product is parted. In this kind of work, very often even the die has a curved surface to match with the shape of the product.

In parting work, since the product is divided into two products due to parting, there is no possibility of the formed material sticking to the punch, and hence there is the feature that there is little problem if there is no stripper. Depending on the product, as soon as the parting is done, the two products fly off to the left and right due to the sideward force during operation. This not only makes it difficult to collect the products but also can be dangerous and hence care will have to be taken. In order to prevent the products from flying off, it is safe to have a structure in which the products are pressed down by a light and simple stripper. When the pressing down by the stripper is removed, since the product after working get divided into two part and move simply to the left and right, it is possible to collect the products easily and even the operability of the press becomes relatively better.

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