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#041 Basics of Die Structure (23) Structure of Drawing Dies: Reverse Redrawing Dies

Category : Drawing and Forming Work
May21, 2010
Reverse redrawing is explained using Fig. 1 "Details of formation". The condition before formation is prepared by ordinary drawing. This shape is drawn so that the outside becomes the inside as is shown by the figure of "In the middle of formation". The product after forming is such that the inside of the shape before forming has become the outside. By doing this, the material of the product is made to move by a substantial amount, the stress of drawing changes, and it is possible to obtain larger reduction ratio than normal drawing. [Fig. 1]

The structure of the drawing die will be as shown in Figure 2 to Fig. 4. The shape of the die is common to all the structures. This looks very weak. However, the inner diameter of the product to be drawn gets added to the external shape of the die, and in the process of drawing, the product moves so as to tighten the die and becomes a resistance to the force during drawing that tries to open the die outwards, and hence since a balance is achieved, breakage of the die is not common. It is better that the straight part of the die interior is as short as possible.

[Fig. 2][Fig. 3]

Whether or not a stripper is necessary is determined by the relationship between the drawing diameter and the material plate thickness. If the material plate thickness is small compared to the drawing diameter, the structure becomes one like that shown in Fig. 4. This is because generation of wrinkles is suppressed at the part where the material makes U turn. [Fig. 4]

is the ease of operation of press formation work. This is because it is difficult to use for transfer forming of progressive forming depending on the details of the drawing work (work of stopping in the middle without inverting completely is a different case). Since single process formation is done frequently because of this, the ease of operation is judged to be poor.

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