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#112 Terminology and Surroundings (6) Backing Plate

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February17, 2012

The backing plate is a very important die component which is also called a back up plate (perhaps this is a more accurate name), a back plate, or a backing, etc. It is used as shown in Fig. 1.

[Fig. 1] Backing plate

However, a backing plate is not necessary for all dies. When a large force acts on a small area such as in the case of a hole opening punch, the punch gets pressed and can dent the punch holder. A backing plate is necessary in such situations. It is not necessary as long as such a condition does not arise.

Because of this purpose of use, a certain amount of hardness is required of the backing plate, such as a hardness of about 56 HRC. If it is too hard, it can get cracked. Generally tool steel (SK steel) or special tool steel (SKS steel) is used.

Among the plates constituting dies, a backing plate is the one that goes mostly unnoticed. Therefore, it does not get much attention. Changes in its condition are very rarely checked during die maintenance, and not much attention is paid even if there are any dents or deformations in it. However, paying it as much attention as that given to punches or dies and maintaining its surface in good condition leads to maintaining the die quality.

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