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#059 Method of Using Standard Components (8) Coil Springs - 2

Category : Die Design
October29, 2010

The major methods of using coil springs (hereafter referred to merely as springs) are explained here. Fig. a to Fig. f show the major methods of using springs.

Fig. a is a method of using a spring when the amount of movement of the stripper is small. The spring is placed behind the stripper bolt. There is no undue stress because the spring pushes along the same axis. Since it is not possible to use a long spring, it is not possible to obtain a large deflection. Fig. a

Fig. b is a method of using a spring in which it is placed in the shaft part of the stripper bolt. It is possible to obtain a larger deflection than in the method shown in Fig. a. This method is suitable for the operations of bending, etc. In this method, the deflection of the spring is made by turning the stripper bolt. Therefore, turning the stripper bolt becomes heavy due to the load of the spring. This is a drawback of this method of using springs. Fig. b

Fig. c is a method of using a spring by providing a hold dedicated to the spring. This is suitable for drawing operations that require large amounts of deflection. It is possible to use the longest springs. Fig. c

Fig. d shows a countermeasure for preventing tilting or bending of springs. A spring for a normal die is prepared so that it can be guided using the internal diameter. This figure shows one example and there are various other shapes. Fig. d

Fig. e shows a method of use in which the spring is set in the initial deflection state. In the case of an ordinary spring, the setting of the initial pressure is set again by tightening the screw plug, etc., every time a die is disassembled and assembled again. This takes considerable time and labor. The method of use (e) is selected in order to solve this problem. This is given as the flange for the spring unit (WUNT) in the catalog "Face". Fig. e

Fig. f is the method of use when the spring cannot be placed completely inside the die. The spring is placed inside an auxiliary case and is set in the form shown in the figure. In this method of using a spring, it is possible to use considerably long springs. This is given in the catalog "Face" as the spring case unit (SPRC). Fig. f

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