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#068 Method of Using Standard Components (17) Pilot - 2

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February 4, 2011

The different shapes shown in the figure are explained below.

Method of using a pilot

(a)This is the basic method of use. This is a form that is a modification of the basic method of use of a round punch. The tip of the pilot is proportional to the amount variable movement of the movable stripper. It is cumbersome to remove the pilot at the time of carrying out maintenance of the die.
(b)The function is the same as the basic method. The feature is that considerations have been given to the maintenance of the die and disassembling has been made easy.
(c)The material will be pierced by the pilot if wrong punching is done in the basic form. The die may break because of this. As a countermeasure for that, a spring is provided behind the pilot, and when a wrong punching is made and a large load acts on the pilot, the spring gets compressed thereby avoiding the material being pierced. If the spring is weak, it gets compressed even during the normal state and hence the positioning accuracy may become poor. It is necessary to take care about these aspects.
(d)In the basic method, the pilot punch is fixed to the punch plate. As a consequence, the penetration of the pilot into the die becomes deeper. If the penetration into the die becomes deep, the pilot will be scratching the material for a long time, and this may cause deformation of the pilot hole or pulling up of the material. This is a structure which avoids this phenomenon and also avoids the pilot piercing of the material when a wrong punching is made. The feature is that the stepped part of the pilot butts against the stripper surface. The precautions about the spring are the same as in the structure of (c).
(e)This is the basic form of a pilot fixed to the stripper. By fixing to the stripper, it is possible to maintain the amount of projection of the pilot at a fixed value. The fixing is done by a press screw. Since the screw can easily become loose, although it is better to use two screws, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to provide two screws because of space limitations.
(f)Although this is a pilot fixed to the stripper, this is a structure in which it is pressed from the back using a stripper packing. This structure has been made easier to prepare than the structure (e).
(g)Although this is a pilot fixed to the punch, this is a structure in which the attaching and detaching of the pilot has been made easy in order to make it easy to carry out regrinding of the punch.
(h)In a large punch, this is a structure in which the fixing on the punch is done using bolts and knock pins (dowel pins). The key points are that care needs to be taken about falling off of the knock pin and taking measures to make it easy to remove the knock pin at the time or detaching the pilot.

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