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#115 Terminology and Surroundings (9) Safe Dies

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March 9, 2012

A safe die (see Fig. 1) is a die which has been prepared so that the gaps (A or B) in which a hand or finger can get in is 8 mm or less in order to ensure that any part of the body (mainly finger tips) of the person carrying out the work does not enter dangerous regions (between the punch and the die). Recently, since the hands of women are small, there is also the opinion that "8 mm is too large a gap and the appropriate gap would be 6 mm". However, if such dies are prepared, the actual work becomes very difficult. An automated type while incorporating the concepts of safe dies has the structure of Fig. 1. This is called the tap-fit type. The top die and the bottom die are connected by stripper bolts, and the top die is lifted up by a return spring. The return spring has to have a spring force equal to or more than the stripping force + weight of top die.

When this structure is used, even the work of preparing the dies becomes fast, and also the relationship between the punch and the die becomes stable. It is suitable for products that only need to be blanked. The precaution required is that, while the tip die is pressed (tapped) by the slide of the press machine, since the slide moves by its stroke length, it is necessary to protect using bellows, etc., so that the operator's hand does not get caught in this region.

[Fig. 1] Safe die (tap-fit type)

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