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#116 Terminology and Surroundings (10) Quick Die Change Type Dies

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March16, 2012

A die of the quick die change (QDC) type is a die which can be changed quickly. The schematic of quick die changing system is shown in Fig. 1. It consists of a QDC holder and a QDC die.

[Fig. 1] Quick die changing system

The QDC holder has a structure in which the die set has clamps and location pins. The location pins are raised or lowered by knobs. The location pins can be thought of as movable type dowel pins (notch pins) which are inserted in the die set and die. The clamp is of the mechanical type or of the hydraulic type, and techniques have been used so that it can be locked with a single touch.

A QDC die is assembled in the base plate. The base plate is matched with the location pin of the QDC unit. A QDC die can be changed in a short time, and is also intended to reduce the cost of setting up the dies. It was proposed for small volume production of a large variety of products. Since changing the dies becomes difficult if the die becomes heavy, dies that can be held in the hand easily are used very frequently.
In a QDC system with this structure, a die matching jig will be needed at the time of preparing the QDC dies.

[Fig. 2] Dies for QDC

The concept of changing the dies in a short time is spreading to ordinary dies as well, and the improvement called "simple die setup" came to be used widely. This is the technique of making it possible to complete the setting up of dies within 10 minutes. The major points of improvement are the die height, feed line height, clamp height, clamping method, and the method of leveling the die, etc.

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