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#226 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) for Plating

Category : Electroplating
February12, 2016

Let's take a look how the JIS defines each type of plating (such as chrome plating and zinc plating).

The JIS defines the types, grades, and symbols for electro-galvanizing as shown in the table below.

Plating TypeGradeMinimum Plating
Thickness (µm)
Type 1 A

Plating dipped in nitric acid
Grade 12EP-Fe/Zn 2 or EP-Fe/Zn[1]
Grade 25EP-Fe/Zn 5 or EP-Fe/Zn[2]
Grade 38EP-Fe/Zn 8 or EP-Fe/Zn[3]
Grade 413EP-Fe/Zn13 or EP-Fe/Zn[4]
Grade 520EP-Fe/Zn20 or EP-Fe/Zn[5]
Grade 625EP-Fe/Zn25 or EP-Fe/Zn[6]
Type 1 B

Bright chromate-treated
Grade 12EP-Fe/Zn 2/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[1-C1]
Grade 25EP-Fe/Zn 5/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[2-C1]
Grade 38EP-Fe/Zn 8/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[3-C1]
Grade 413EP-Fe/Zn13/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[4-C1]
Grade 520EP-Fe/Zn20/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[5-C1]
Grade 625EP-Fe/Zn25/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[6-C1]
Type 2

Colored chromate-treated
Grade 12EP-Fe/Zn 2/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[1-C2]
Grade 25EP-Fe/Zn 5/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[2-C2]
Grade 38EP-Fe/Zn 8/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[3-C2]
Grade 413EP-Fe/Zn13/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[4-C2]
Grade 520EP-Fe/Zn20/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[5-C2]
Grade 625EP-Fe/Zn25/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[6-C2]

(1)Plating name

1. 8 µm electro-galvanizing on steel substrate, bright chromate-treated

EP-Fe/Zn 8/CM1 or EP-Fe/Zn[3-C1]

2. 13 µm electro-galvanizing on steel substrate, colored chromate-treated

EP-Fe/Zn 13/CM2 or EP-Fe/Zn[4-C2]

(2)Corrosion resistance of chromate films

To meet the required level of corrosion resistance, chromate films of Grade 2 to Grade 6 in Plating Type 2 should have no visible white product generated on the surface within 48 hours of a neutral salt spray test. In this case, Type 1 AB and Type 2 Grade 1 are excluded as test subjects.