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#109 Single Axis Unit (Stage Type)

Category : Linear Motion Components
March16, 2012

Procurement of a linear motion mechanism with a servo motor will require the following man-hour steps of a design engineer.

  1. Requires many design process man-hours due to high number of components involved.
  2. Long lead-times for precision construction elements such as linear guides and ball screws.
  3. After the parts are procured, accuracy oriented assembly work will be required.

Therefore, some challenges exist through the process of designing to completion and long lead-times. The new product "Single Axis Unit" is a proposal to assist solving these issues, and has the following characteristics.

(1) Characteristics of "Single Axis Unit"

Component procurement process and assembly work can be omitted with the following characteristics.

  1. Ball screw driven units compatible with various servo motors.
  2. Ball screw DIA., lead/base width/stroke/table length are selectable.
  3. Short delivery time, specified with only part numbers (8th day shipment).

(2) Supplementary explanation for usage