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#017 Basics of Blanking Work (7) Outer Cutting Work - 1

Category : Shearing work
November 6, 2009

The details of the basic types of blanking work are shown in Fig. 1. The contents of blanking work and hole punching work are the same but their methods of use are different. By combining these basic work types, the outer parts of a shape are cut out.

Fig. 1 Types of blanking operations

Taking the example of the shape shown in Fig. 2, let us see how the shape of the outer contour is prepared using outer cutting work. Fig. 2 Cutting shape

Figure 3 shows the method for preparing the shape of the outer contour using segmenting. Forming this shape can be done using a single punch if there is no problem with the strengths of the punch and die, and if there is no problem in forming the shapes of the punch and the die. In this type of work, a cutting and connecting part is generated as shown by the part indicated as "Matching". The matching part is different from other parts in terms of external appearance. This is also a part in which burrs appear faster than in other parts. Therefore, the design should be made so that the matching part is not included in very important parts. If it is felt that there is some problem in the strength of the punch or of the die, the problem is solved by dividing the punch.

Fig. 3 Blanking work using segmenting

Figure 4 is a form for preparing the shape of an outer contour by combining slot cutting and segmenting. Note that the matching locations have increased in number. The matching locations increase in number proportionally when the number of punches increases.

In this method for preparing the outer contour, the material is gripped between the die and the stripper, and is used for the purpose of improving the flatness, etc. This method is also very frequently used as the method for forming shapes in progressive pressing formation work. The formed product remains on the die. This indicates that some techniques will become necessary for taking out the product. In outer cutting work, although the designer can freely determine the shapes of punches, this method can also be said to be one that can cause problems depending on how the shapes of the punches are made.

Fig. 4 Blanking work using slot cutting and segmenting

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