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#021 Basics of Blanking Work (11) Outer Cutting Work - 5: Side Cut

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December 4, 2009

The outer cutting work is also called cut and carry work. This is because the cutting is done after feeding the material by the feed length (feed pitch). If the feed pitch is not accurate, the cut shape will have fluctuations, and the product may not be acceptable at all in some cases. Side cut is used for the purpose of stabilizing the feed pitch.

Figure 1 shows the method of using a side cut. The edge of the material is notched by the feed pitch, and the feed length is determined by making the notched part butt against a stopper. A guideline for the width of the notch is a minimum value of about 1.5 to 2 times the material plate thickness.

[Fig. 1] Outer cutting work and side cut

If the cut is merely in the shape of the letter L, a projection shaped matching part is generated as is shown in Fig. 2. If this happens, this can lead to problems because it can get caught in the material guide. Further, a side cut also has a shape that can cause rising of chaff. In particular, the simple L-shaped cut can easily cause rising of chaff.

[Fig. 2] Projection part of a side cut

As a countermeasure, the shape of the side cut is made complex thereby solving the problems of projection shaped matching parts and rising of chaff. Fig. 3 is a shape that anybody will try at first. Although it appears as if the problems will get solved, this is not a sufficient countermeasure. Of course, this can also cause the generation of abnormality in the matching parts.

[Fig. 3] Side cut projection part counter measure (1)

Figure 4 shows a shape that has solved the problems. This can be used against both matching parts and rising of chaff. Slightly wider side cut will be necessary.

[Fig. 4] Projection part of side cut

Only the basic details have been given here. In actuality, for the sake of further countermeasures against rising of chaff, very often the shape is made complex. Cutting by combining a side cut and a part of the outer shape of the product is also done. When the feed pitch is determined only by a side cut, although the side cut punch is made the same as the feed pitch, when a pilot is used for positioning, it is common to make the length of the side cut more than the feed pitch. In this case, the material is made to be fed a little excessively and is returned slightly using the pilot.

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