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#006 Stopper Mechanism with Shaft Collars

Category : Linear Motion Components
August 7, 2009

A shaft collar retains itself on a shaft by clamping on it's circumference. This clamping shaft collars can be utilized as stoppers for the linear motion mechanism. Benefit of utilizing the shaft collars as stoppers is that stop position can easily be adjusted. Fig.1 shows a representative usage of shaft collar stopper mechanism, and the characteristics are listed below.

[Fig.1]  Example of a stopper mechanism using shaft collars.

A dual-shaft linear guiding system is driven by an air cylinder.
Slit-type shaft collars are used for the air cylinder position stopper. Two collars are tied together with a stopper plate for increased strength.
Stop position can easily be adjusted by loosening the slit-tightening screws on the collars.
Two linear shafts are tied together at ends with a connecting plate for increased structural strength.

Additionally, there are two mounting options available for the shaft collars: threaded hole type, and through hole type. The collars can be fastened from either side of the stopper plate, as shown on [Fig.2] below.

[Fig.2-a] Mounting: Threaded hole typ