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#073 Sliding Guides - 3: Linear Bushings and Shafts

Category : Linear Motion Components
April22, 2011

Linear bushings and shafts are used quite frequently. See "LCA Mechanism Examples".

[Fig.] LCA Example with <a href=Linear Bushings and Shafts" name="[Fig.] LCA Example with Linear Bushings and Shafts" width="527" height="230" />

Shafts and bushings each require some fabrication for installation, but the costs could be reduced by adopting the mounting designs for standardized products such as MISUMI FA Mechanical components.

Standard ComponentsRepresentative TypesApp. Characteristics
SUJ2(High Frequency Induction Hardening)
Note 1,2)
SUJ2(High Frequency Induction Hardening:58HRC+hard chrome plating:800HV)
Note 3)
・Wear Resistant
・High Speed, Wear Resistant
Mount Method
Tapped/Threaded, Retaining Ring Groove/Keyway
Select by shaft fixing method
Linear BushingsConfig./Material
Shaft Mounts
Linear Bushings (Straight/Flanged Types) (Retainer: Plastic, Metal)
Linear Bushing Holders, Housing Units (Retainer Material: Plastic, Metal)
Oil-free Bushings (Copper Alloy Type)
Shaft Mount Supports
High Accuracy, High Load Capacity
Allowable Environmental Temp.
Light weight for moving applications
Allowable Environmental Temp.
High Load Capacity, For Low Speeds, Chemical Resistant, No Lubrication Use
Guide SetsConfigurationMiniature Ball Guide Sets
Low Friction, High Accuracy, For Simultaneous Linear/Rotary Applications

Note 1)About SUJ material
Bearing Steel. S for Steel, U for Used, and J for Journal. Journal is a rotating contact section of a bearing arrangement.
Note 2)About High Frequency Induction Hardening
A hardening method where only the surface of steel is hardened by efficiently induced electrical current by a high frequency oscillator
Note 3)About Hardness
There is no theoretical definition for Hardness, and is expressed using comparative values obtained by pressing hard balls or diamond indenters on test specimen. HRC (Rockwell hardness: Hard-ball Method) is used for SUJ and SUS hardness measurements, and Hv (Vickers Hardness: Vickers Pyramid Indentation Method) for hardness of minute section of hard chrome plating is generally used.