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#267 Ball Screws -3: Structure

Category : Linear Motion Components
December16, 2016

A standard ball screw is comprised of the following components:

1. Screw shaft 2. Nut 3. Steel ball 4. Steel ball circulation unit 5. End seal parts :Ball screw components

Compared to slide guides, this structure is probably easier to understand. A slide guide is a unit that produces linear motion along the rail. On the other hand, a ball screw is a unit where screw shaft rotation causes a nut to travel in a straight line.

Slide guide is Rail, Slider, Steel ball, Steel ball circulation unit and End seal parts. Ball screw is Screw shaft, Nut, Steel ball, Steel ball circulation unit, and End seal parts. Screw shaft ... Steel-ball guide shaft used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. 
Nut ... An object traveling in a straight line embedded with the steel-ball circulation mechanism.
Steel ball ... A medium rotated at low friction coefficient.
Steel ball circulation unit ... A component used to circulate a steel ball on an endless track.
End seal parts ... A component used to prevent the entry of foreign objects and protect the grease.