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#011 Bearing Mounting/Retaining Method - 1

Category : Automation elements technology
September11, 2009
A bearing (rolling ball bearing type) needs to be retained in three directions, radial, axial, and circumferential in relation to it's housing and a shaft. The radial and circumferential direction retention is mainly based on a concern on fit tolerance selection (see Tutorial #103). The remaining "axial direction" retention cannot be solved by press fitting of the bearing. The axial retention methods will be explained here with examples. image

For instance, high speed bearings such as end bearings for ballscrews will require some measures against heat expansion, but here we'll discuss bearing mounting methods for low to medium speed bearings.

(1) MISUMI's bearing mounting/retaining components

Following standard components are available.


Example 1 (See [Fig.1])

Mounting method for belt tension adjusting idler pulley bearing

The idler pulley is mounted with a cantilever pin. This example uses a nut tightened cantilever type.
Bearing retaining collar" is used to fix the idler pulley bearing.
A washer is placed between the bearing and the collar to provide an ample access to the collar's tightening screw.
The washer O.D. should match the O.D. of the bearing's inner ring.


Example 2 (See [Fig.2])

V-groove idler pulley mounting with a bearing end cap.

Flanged, screw mounted cantilever pin is used.
The bearing end cap needs to match the O.D. of the cantilever pin shaft.